Made for French TV by Pierre Jourdan in 1969, this documentary introduces the general public to Rudolf Nureyev as a lithe, mop-haired icon to be adored, a mission reinforced by the cliche-laden, voice-of-God narration. The clips of Nureyev offstage, however, give evidence not only of the dancer’s dedication to his craft but also of his petulance and narcissism. Onstage footage, which makes up about two-thirds of this chronicle of his rise from the Kirov Ballet to Covent Garden, includes excerpts from La sylphide (partnered with Carla Fracci), Frederick Ashton’s Marguerite and Armand (Margot Fonteyn), Sleeping Beauty, and Glen Tetley’s contortionist Field Figures—each a confirmation of his athletic grace and fey charisma. 90 min.