A mother’s love is put to the test in I Am Mother in a setting we’ve seen many times before, a not-so-far-away dystopian future where robots are at war with humans. However, the film sets itself apart thanks mostly to its baby-faced star, Clara Rugaard, who gives an evocative performance as Daughter, a teenager raised by her robot Mother to repopulate the Earth—a relationship that is soon put to the test. There’s a shot where Rugaard stands alone aboard a spaceship that is instantly reminiscent of Sigourney Weaver in Alien, the movie that launched Weaver’s career in the same way I Am Mother ought to do for Rugaard’s. Australian filmmaker Grant Sputore’s direction keeps viewers on their toes, and we never quite know who to trust. The film would benefit from a more solid exposition of how this world came to be, and it drags on about 30 minutes too long, but overall I Am Mother serves as a strong addition to Netflix’s original movie collection.