This Chinese drama has nothing to do with Flaubert, though as other critics have noted, its tale of a lone woman challenging a patriarchal bureaucracy bears a striking resemblance to Zhang Yimou’s The Story of Qiu Ju (1992). A young woman (Fan Bingbing) seeks justice from the courts in a highly ambiguous case: she and her husband divorced so that she could keep their country house, he could apply for an apartment in the city, and they could reunite later with both properties in hand, but then the husband double-crossed her and moved into the new apartment with another woman. Covering more than a decade, director Feng Xiaogang and screenwriter Liu Zhenyun focus on institutional tension as the heroine works her way to the top reaches of the government, driving a succession of midlevel male bureaucrats frantic with worry. Her primary concern is neither property nor retribution, but clearing her name after she’s been labeled an adulteress; as in the earlier movie, her crusade brings unintended consequences. In Mandarin with subtitles.