Local filmmaker Casey Puccini wrote and directed this no-budget comedy about no-budget filmmaking; implicating himself in the movie’s satire, he also stars as a vain, incompetent director named Casey Puccini. The story follows the accident-ridden production of Puccini’s latest feature, a would-be hard-hitting drama of drug addiction in the vein of Abel Ferrara. Chronically high and inattentive to detail, the director screws up nearly every aspect of the shoot, from lighting individual shots to telling his cast when they need to show up for filming. But rather than take responsibility for his mistakes, he lashes out at the people around him when things go wrong, and the production disintegrates into chaos. Much of the discomforting humor stems from the bad behavior people think they can get away with under the pretense of being an artist—ultimately this isn’t a comedy so much as a cautionary tale.