6 Big Fish

The short films on this program come from a feature-length work-in-progress by Romanian writer-director Stefan Constantinescu. All three pieces are distinctly Romanian in their deadpan black humor and exacting sense of space, though their thematic focus on failures of communication suggests a nascent personal vision. In 6 Big Fish (2013) two Swedish artists working in Bucharest receive a bag of live fish by mistake, then encounter political corruption when they try to release the fish into the wild. Troleibuzul 92 (2009) depicts a man on a bus calmly threatening to kill his wife over the phone while an old woman sitting next to him listens passively. In Family Dinner (2012) an upper-class woman struggles to complete a text-message sex chat with a work colleague while her husband and daughter wait for her to come out of the bathroom. In Romanian and Swedish with subtitles.