Inventive, quirky, and often humorous, these 15 lesbian-themed videos comprise one of the festival’s best programs. Breasts dance to music in a variety of rhythms in Ingrid Wilhite’s deliciously ridiculous Hooter Polka, which is enhanced with a surprise ending of equally delightful “outtakes.” The sexiness of Gail Mentlik and Anne Borden’s autoerotic Rub (2002) comes from the rapid, rhythmic intercutting of different views, some out of focus, mirroring the shifts of attention during arousal. And Tess Ernst’s The Drive North, a chronicle of her trip from North Carolina to Massachusetts with her best friend, avoids the self-indulgence of much youthful autobiographical work by mixing live action, stills, line drawings, and a tone of self-effacement (Tess never blames her friend for their fights) to capture the tentativeness of a young woman on the brink of adulthood leaving home for the first time. 115 min.