Fred Schepisi, back in his Roxanne mode, directs this tale by Michael Leeson and Andrew Breckman (1994). During the Eisenhower 50s Albert Einstein (Walter Matthau) and his Princeton-based pals connive to make a match between Einstein’s mathematician niece (Meg Ryan) and an uneducated auto mechanic who’s smitten with her (Tim Robbins). By passing the mechanic off as a genius in physics, they hope to pull her away from her dull fiance, an English behaviorist psychologist. Einstein and his chums (Lou Jacobi, Gene Saks, and Joseph Maher) are made out to be as cute as bugs—rather like the trio of Russian diplomats in Ninotchka—and this cheerful demonstration of the power of love over physics is pretty much wedded to Hollywood formula throughout. If you like Ryan and Robbins as much as I do, you’ll probably feel indulgent and even charmed in spots; if you don’t, you’ll probably run screaming out of the theater. With Stephen Fry and Tony Shalhoub. PG, 95 min.