Casting a Brit as Hank Williams may seem like the ultimate bad call, and as the legendary country singer, Tom Hiddleston doesn’t speak like any Alabamian I’ve ever met. But the real problem with this musical biopic is Marc Abraham’s script, which offers so little insight into its central character that he comes across as nothing but an ornery cuss. Elizabeth Olsen runs with the more vividly written role of Audrey Sheppard, Williams’s blowsy wife, who helped keep him together for eight years but ultimately walked out on him, fed up with his philandering and substance abuse. Movies about musicians inevitably boil down to one question: what interior drama might have generated those wondrous sounds? Hiddleston invests his thinly conceived character with a gritty magnetism, and his singing passes muster, but the man portrayed here seems incapable of feeling personally the gut-bucket heartache he pours out in his own songs. Abraham directed; with Bradley Whitford and Cherry Jones.