I Used to Go Here’s casting is far more clever than the movie itself. Gillian Jacobs, as Kate, a 35-year-old writer with a bogus book and a broken relationship, calls to mind Mickey, Jacobs’s character on Netflix’s Love, and showcases her ability to play the talented but aimless to perfection. Somewhere between Mistress America and Young Adult, as the plot begins to probe millennial mundanity further, it mirrors Liberal Arts to an uncanny degree, and Kate is asked back to her alma mater by a beloved professor (Jemaine Clement). She jumps at the chance to recapture the feeling of endless possibility that youth grants. Enter a skilled ensemble with standout April, a gifted and ambitious writer, played with authentic ease by Hannah Marks, a young and highly accomplished force in the film world herself. The relationship between Kate and April offers a fascinating look at generational aspirations and is the high point in an otherwise predictable production.