OutKast’s Andre Benjamin (aka Andre 3000) and Antwan A. Patton (Big Boi) star in this black musical set in a prohibition-era nightclub and directed by Bryan Barber, known for his OutKast videos. Purists might object to the anachronistic hip-hop numbers, MTV editing, and razzle-dazzle overkill of the digital effects, mise en scene, and violence; this could be the most show-offy, mannerist period musical since Ken Russell’s The Boy Friend (1971). I wouldn’t call the sound track especially memorable either. But Barber and his cast display so much gusto they broke down my resistance; I wound up enjoying this much more than the Oscar-bestrewn Chicago. With Paula Patton, Terrence Howard, Malinda Williams, Macy Gray, and Ving Rhames. R, 121 min.