A middle-aged wife (Emmanuelle Devos) starts behaving more and more strangely as her marriage implodes, eventually walking out on her husband (Mathieu Amalric) to live in the woods like a character in a fairy tale. Like Nicolas Klotz’s Heartbeat Detector (2007) and Bertrand Bonello’s On War (2008), two other opaque French art movies that starred Amalric, this 2014 drama maintains a tone of uninflected naturalism even as the story grows obscure. The two leads have played romantic partners in at least three other films (Arnaud Desplechin’s My Sex Life . . . or How I Got Into an Argument, Kings and Queen, and A Christmas Tale), and their unforced intimacy here brings a certain heft to the sketchy characterizations. Sophie Fillières directed her own script. In French with subtitles.