Boston-area avant-gardist Luther Price is one of those filmmakers who project their spliced originals (in his case, labs have refused to print many of them because of their sexual content), so his three-night stand in Chicago this week may be your only chance to see these fascinating Super-8 works. Price’s father, mother, and sister all died of cancer, and if the reconfigured home movies and videos on this program are Price’s way of preserving the past, that passion is counterbalanced by his usual cool distance. So little happens to the subject of Mother (1999) that a slight breeze moving her dress seems dramatic; Price suspends time by cutting between two different shots of her hand, or between frontal and profile shots of her face. In Home (1999) films are projected onto still photographs for a layered effect, showing that external influences can reshape identity. And in Recitations (2000) the camera pans over family snapshots, the visual poetry contrasting with the mother’s distorted voice on the sound track as she repeats lyrics from Hank Williams songs. Also showing: Run (1994), Dead Ringer (1999), Meat Situation 04 (1999), and I’ll Cry Tomorrow (1999).