I'll See You in My Dreams

A nuanced lead performance by Blythe Danner anchors this better-than-average entry in the growing subgenre of light dramas about Baby Boomers learning to enjoy retirement; unlike many of the others, it doesn’t try to make the protagonist likable at every turn. Danner’s character—a sedentary Los Angeleno still mourning her husband’s death after 20 years—is very much responsible for her own unhappiness, and even when she was happy, her life wasn’t that remarkable. The story hinges on several long encounters between the heroine and a 30-ish failed musician now working as a pool cleaner (Martin Starr, who has a nice rapport with Danner); what develops between them isn’t friendship so much as shared feelings of disappointment and self-loathing. Brett Haley, directing a script he cowrote with Marc Basch, maintains a sweet tone, but this still leaves a pungent aftertaste.