A program of film, video, and audio by people who’ve won media arts fellowships from the Illinois Arts Council this year. Paula Froehle describes her film Fever as an exploration of the bond between a mother and a sick child; using fragmentary images of ordinary objects—a sewing machine, fabric unraveling—she creates an authentic feeling of disconnectedness. In parts three and four of Lou Mallozzi’s audio piece Aquapolis, voices speaking English and German are given rhythms that are often musical and a powerful, even creepy stereo presence. Mindy Faber’s video The Man Within Me is a pointed and amusing examination of gender, presenting close-ups of Faber’s body while a voice-over lists her male traits. Skin Deep, an effective advocacy video by Alexandra Halkin and Deb Ellis, claims that a particular contraceptive implant is often used on poor women without their informed consent, only to surprise them with side effects. On the downside, Vivian Yu’s The Man in the Green Army Coat and Natasha Uppal’s The Whites seem precious and self-consciously arty.