Hong Sang-soo’s first collaboration with Isabelle Huppert from 2012 is the South Korean writer-director’s liveliest, funniest film. It comprises three stories, each one about a different Frenchwoman named Anne (all of them played by Huppert) visiting the same Korean beachside resort town. In the first Anne’s a successful filmmaker thwarting off the romantic advances of a married (and frequently drunk) Korean director; in the second she’s a Korean businessman’s wife in town for a tryst with her filmmaker lover, who never arrives; and in the third Anne is a tourist traveling with a female friend after her French husband leaves her for a Korean woman. The second story, in which Hong at several points reveals the onscreen action to be a dream, is the most formally playful, but the whole film is a joy—rarely has the director generated so many laugh-out-loud moments from his characters’ passive-aggression and self-delusion. The singing lifeguard played by Yoo Joon-sang may be Hong’s most delightful creation. In English and subtitled Korean.