Curtis Hanson, director of such manly films as 8 Mile and L.A. Confidential, tries his hand at a chick flick with this overlong, undercooked drama about mismatched Jewish sisters in Philadelphia. Cameron Diaz is the slim, sexy party girl, aimless and unemployed; Toni Collette is her pudgy big sister, a successful but romantically frustrated attorney. After they clash over a man, Diaz winds up living in a Miami retirement community and getting life lessons from their flinty grandmother (Shirley MacLaine), while back in Philly, Collette is wooed by a sensitive guy from her firm (Mark Feuerstein), who seems scripted by the editors of Redbook. Adapted from a best seller by Jennifer Weiner, this tends toward petty audience manipulation, though Diaz and Collette strike sparks in the early scenes. R, 135 min.