A desiccated movie producer expires in the bedroom of his swank house in the Hollywood Hills, leaving his three spoiled sons (Christopher Jaymes, Jeremy Sisto, Matt Keeslar) to manage his wake. The gathering quickly descends into a tumult of clashing egos, raging libidos, and swirling neuroses that should be familiar to any fan of Robert Altman’s ensemble comedies. Jaymes wrote, produced, directed, and edited this 2005 indie, straining hard for his bitter laughs; every scene builds to an ironic rimshot before he cuts to the next encounter, and the movie settles into the tiresome rhythm of a merry-go-round. The dominant mood is one of self-satisfied hipness, though the movie is watchable for its game, good-looking cast of Hollywood C-listers (Judy Greer, Nicholle Tom, Pat Healy, Eric Michael Cole, Christine Lakin). 96 min.