The quality varies among these ten short pieces, curated by film and video artist Joel Bachar, but three are quite strong. Christian Bruno and Sam Green’s Pie Fight 69 (2001) is a fascinating cultural artifact created from recently rediscovered 1969 footage of activists (including Peter Schickele, aka P.D.Q. Bach) disrupting a glitzy film-festival opening with a gigantic pie fight, thinking this “street theater” would help them raise money for independent features (it didn’t). Jim Haverkamp’s Last Pack (2000) uses intense black-and-white images to communicate the monomania of nicotine addiction. The best work, William Z. Richard’s Native, offers brief but finely textured images of plant and animal parts intercut with flickering text; framing and editing with admirable precision, Richard creates a poetic tension between our impulse to label nature and the lush sensuality of living organisms. 59 min.