Martyrs of Love

This week Facets Cinematheque hosts a retrospective on Jan Nemec, a key figure of the Czech New Wave. Nemec came to prominence with his 1964 debut feature Diamonds of the Night (Fri-Sat 3/14-3/15, 7 PM), employing a bold, dreamlike style that continued in the Kafkaesque satire A Report on the Party and the Guests (Tue-Wed 3/19-3/20, 7 PM) and the abstract drama Martyrs of Love (Sat 3/15, 3 PM, and Sun 3/16, 7 PM). The latter two films so angered the Czech authorities that all of Nemec’s subsequent projects were squashed (though he made a few short films clandestinely); after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, Nemec was effectively banned from filmmaking. He left the country in the mid-70s and returned only after the communist government fell; the series features a few works from this late period, including the acclaimed 2001 essay film Late Night Talks With Mother (Mon 3/17 and Thu 3/20, 7 PM).