The longest and most affecting of these four videos from India, The Pink Mirror (2002, in Hindi with subtitles), is the story of a drag queen who lives with her older “mom.” The younger queen brings home an Englishman to be her “personal boy”; the older one hires a muscular driver after whom all three lust. Abjuring the artifice of drag dramas, director Sridhar Rangayan allows his characters to care for each other, using backlighting or a close-up of a tear to underline their feelings. The other drama on the program, Salil R. Aluvila’s The Incomplete (2002, in Malayalam with subtitles), concerns a love affair between two rural men, coerced sex in a military setting, and possibly a suicide; while its use of image as emotional metaphor is effective, the storytelling is confusingly elliptical. 76 min.