Tom Hanks and director Ron Howard deliver the third installment in their Da Vinci Code franchise, adapting another of the best-selling biblio-thrillers by Dan Brown. Harvard scholar Robert Langdon (Hanks) wakes up amnesiac in an Italian hospital and goes on the run with his doctor (Felicity Jones) to escape from a sexy assassin in black leather (Ana Ularu); before long the hero and his companion are teasing clues out of The Divine Comedy to prevent a mad scientist (Ben Foster) from releasing a deadly plague. Hanks has no room for comedy and nothing to work with dramatically, and his groggy academic doesn’t make for much of an action hero. Late in the story, when the climactic chase has kicked into high gear, there’s a striking scene of orchestra players performing on white platforms over what appears to be a pool of blood; the whole movie is like that, a combination of high culture and cheese. With Omar Sy and Irrfan Khan.