Inheritance requires an absurd amount of mental gymnastics from viewers. And that’s not because it involves Lauren Monroe (Lily Collins) inheriting a man (Simon Pegg) who her recently deceased father (Patrick Warburton) had chained in a bunker for 30-plus years. This shocking secret that threatens to destroy the wealthy and powerful Monroe family is actually realistic compared to the movie’s other offerings. Lauren, for example, is the New York County District Attorney, a position held by only two people in the last three decades, both of whom boast legal careers older than the protagonist. Lauren’s younger brother William (Chace Crawford reprising a later-seasons version of Gossip Girl‘s Nate Archibald) is a congressman running for a second term. No amount of Daddy’s string-pulling can account for this. Moreover, they’re as unlikable as their careers are unlikely, making Inheritance seem like nothing more than a lukewarm take on The Secret in Their Eyes.