Isi & Ossi (writer-director Oliver Kienle) presents us with the typical tropes of an upstairs-downstairs romantic comedy set in a German millennial context. The billionaire’s daughter Isi (Lisa Vicari) is a terrible student who dreams of getting her parents to pay for culinary school in New York, but is thwarted by her family’s more lofty expectations of a university degree. The working-class Ossi (Dennis Mojen) is a hardheaded and crude aspiring boxer, raised by a single mom, who needs money to promote the fight that is going to be his big break. After a few uncoordinated attempts at bumbling fake romance, the two come clean with each other and realize their efforts could be better accomplished with some good old-fashioned teamwork. Hilarity largely doesn’t ensue, the jokes are stressed well beyond their expiration dates—the primary laughs come from Ossi’s grandfather (Ernest Stötzner), who is recently out of prison and holds his own dreams of becoming a rapper, and a particularly comedic scene from Ossi’s best bud Tschünni (Walid Al-Atiyat), who provides a layman’s critique of an upscale art opening. Throw in a couple of heartfelt moments of reckoning between Isi, Osi, and their respective parents, and that just about fills out a film that would have benefited from not going the full 12 rounds.