Director Andrés Muschietti, who helmed the first chapter of this horror classic reboot in 2017, reunites the kids from Derry, Maine, for a second installment, set 27 years later. The evil clown from their youth (Bill Skarsgård) has returned to feast on their fears; and as troubled adults who have since drifted apart, they are vulnerable again. Now played by James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, and Bill Hader, among others, the old friends reassemble in their hometown to battle the monster, though it takes a long time to get to the final showdown. Overestimating the power of flashbacks and repetition to evince its theme of trauma as a cycle, the film clocks in at almost three hours, and in many stretches feels interminable. On the upside, the movie boasts an exceptional cast that nearly matches the chemistry of the young actors from the first film, and the scenes where they’re playing off each other are highlights. Trimming the adults’ often soppy individual narratives to focus on their more interesting dynamic as a group might have mitigated some of the numbness that sets in from predictability. After a while, watching old story lines and scares reoccur produces diminishing returns.