Nancy Meyers has become not just a writer-director but a brand: after What Women Want (2000) and Something’s Gotta Give (2003), middle-aged women know they can count on her for undemanding relationship comedy that treats them with a little respect. Her fourth feature stars Meryl Streep as a mother of three grown kids and Alec Baldwin, doing his usual cock-of-the-walk routine, as her ex-husband, who left her ten years earlier for a young honey but now decides he wants into her pants again. At first she welcomes their heavy-breathing trysts, but then a more wholesome alternative presents itself in the form of Steve Martin, badly miscast as a gentle, lonely architect. The comedy approaches true hilarity only when Meyers resorts to the surefire gimmick of having the oldsters get massively stoned at a party, though Streep’s dilemma is handled well enough for the movie to accumulate some gravitas as it nears the two-hour mark. With John Krasinski and Zoe Kazan.