Don Hertzfeldt started out making cartoon animations with hand-drawn stick figures and gory black comedy, an approach that culminated in his Oscar-nominated Rejected (2000). Since then he’s reached new heights of expression by combining his simple line drawings with colorful and elaborate optical effects. This feature collects three previously released shorts—Everything Will Be OK (2006), I Am So Proud of You (2008), and It’s Such a Beautiful Day (2011)—to tell the story of Bill, an everyman who stoically endures the pain, uncertainty, and excruciating beauty of life. Hertzfeldt’s work is sometimes elusive in its simplicity, but it can be profound as well; with his humor, darkness, philosophical yearning, and insistence on drawing every line himself, he may be the only legitimate successor to Charles M. Schulz. Except for all the money and fame, of course.