Can anyone have missed the irony of subtitling a lame sequel Never Go Back? Perhaps the next one will be called Jack Reacher: Never Go Back 2. Tom Cruise returns as the former military policeman and globe-trotting adventurer of the Lee Child novels and the 2012 release Jack Reacher; the athletic Cobie Smulders gives him a run for his money as an army major who’s been framed for espionage, and Danika Yarosh is the teenage girl who shows up in Reacher’s life when her mother files a paternity suit against him. Edward Zwick, who directed Cruise in The Last Samurai (2003), is too high-minded to have fun with this sort of material, and the movie plays like a little brother to the star’s more ambitious and imaginative Mission: Impossible thrillers. Cruise’s boyish good looks have finally begun to give way, and his jowlier appearance here makes you wonder how long he can stick it out in his preferred genre.