MTV’s reality show Jackass ran for a scant 24 episodes, but its nine cast members have won a cult following with their parade of foolhardy stunts, idiotic pranks, and gross-out humor. This big-screen version, coproduced by Spike Jonze and directed by Jeff Tremaine, ups the ante with a heftier budget and an R rating, and though the practical jokes are fairly boorish (attacking someone from behind with an electric razor, using a toilet bowl in a plumbing-fixture store to take a dump, waking up someone’s parents with a bedroom fireworks display), I did laugh helplessly at many of the stunts (rolling seminaked across a floor full of mousetraps, diving with whale sharks while wearing shorts stuffed with shrimp, getting a tattoo while riding in a humvee over an obstacle course, approaching a cougar while dressed in a mouse suit). Unfortunately I can’t give this a thumbs-up or thumbs-down; I haven’t yet developed an aesthetic that will accommodate a guy firing a bottle rocket from his ass. 83 min.