Jersey Boys

The beloved boomer-nostalgia musical, which traces the rise and fall of the chart-topping Four Seasons, comes to the big screen under the unlikely tutelage of Clint Eastwood. His treatment of the material is decidedly prosaic, perched midway between cold realism and showbiz fantasy: the colors are muted where they ought to be gaudy, and even the irrepressibly catchy songs come and go without much impact (the only one accorded the proper razzmatazz is Frankie Valli’s monster solo hit “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”). The scenes detailing Valli’s family problems are so perfunctory you wish Eastwood had just dropped them, though the emerging conflicts among the four singers are nicely handled; this isn’t the movie it should have been, but it serves its purpose as a souvenir of the stage show. With Vincent Piazza, John Lloyd Young, Erich Bergen, and Christopher Walken.