Rowan Atkinson returns in the third installment of his played-out James Bond send-up. The kooky MI7 agent is again called into action after England is plagued by a series of cyberterror attacks which can only be thwarted by a Zuckerbergesque tech autocrat, and all of the country’s other, more competent spies are compromised. Johnny’s lack of a digital footprint and his total nonunderstanding of technology become assets even as he declines a hybrid for a gas-guzzling Aston Martin and scoffs at the idea of nonviolent weapons. Despite the jokes made at his expense, Johnny still manages to save the day, making one wonder if this isn’t actually an endorsement of his outdated ideology. The formidable Emma Thompson costars as a harpy prime minister, and Olga Kurylenko plays the unlikely love interest; mediocre white men somehow manage to hoodwink them both. With Ben Miller and Jake Lacy.