A depressed aspiring filmmaker (Aaron Harnick) returns to his hometown on Long Island, where a solar eclipse makes everyone behave melodramatically. After Judy (Edie Falco) admits she had a crush on him in high school, he tells her he’s always wanted to make a documentary about the area, though “nothing sarcastic”—a reference to his (and writer-director Eric Mendelsohn’s?) concern that a desire to transcend his suburban upbringing may have caused him to underestimate the other residents. This arch yet earnest movie has the marks of a first feature by someone with a theater background: gimmicky visuals sprinkled among mundane ones make the black-and-white cinematography seem forced, and the abrupt transitions between different groups of characters seem motivated mainly by how easy it is to jump around in space and time on-screen. With Madeline Kahn, Barbara Barrie, and Bob Dishy.