Adapted from the 2009 novel by Nick Hornby, this rom-com hinges on an unlikely threesome: a discontented Brit (Rose Byrne), her distrait live-in boyfriend (Chris O’Dowd), and an American indie rocker (Ethan Hawke) who disappeared in the mid-90s and with whom the boyfriend is obsessed. The movie’s title comes from the acoustic demo of the singer-songwriter’s only album, which the woman gives a scathing review on the fan site her boyfriend runs. The rocker himself emails the woman to agree with her assessment, and they strike up an epistolary courtship. Unfortunately, the plot contrivances that cause these two (and, eventually, the boyfriend) to meet in person feel strained, resulting in a film that is neither as romantic nor as comedic as its delightful premise suggests. The narrative holds interest, however, for its meaningful reflections on midlife crises, fandom, and Gen-X nostalgia. Jesse Peretz directed.