Pedro Almodóvar adapts a trio of Alice Munro stories sharing the same protagonist, a shy classics scholar who never finds true love with a man and who spends her middle age wondering why her only daughter abandoned her. She may sound like a perfect heroine for Almodóvar, who loves strong, mature, troubled women, but he can’t resist the urge to glamorize her; played as a young woman by the darkly beautiful Adriana Ugarte and in middle age by Emma Suárez, the title character seems better suited to a Douglas Sirk melodrama than to Munro’s modest, plainspoken world. Almodóvar makes a game effort to replicate Munro’s complex, nonchronological storytelling, though the three tales don’t hang together as well as one might hope, largely because there’s a gaping hole in the narrative where the mother-daughter relationship ought to be.