Jupiter's Moon

Magic realism is a matter of contrast, the power of its magic increasing with the harshness of its reality. That’s the secret of this astounding Hungarian feature from Kornél Mundruczó (White God), in which a young Syrian refugee (Zsombor Jéger) crossing over from Serbia into Hungary is shot several times by a policeman (György Cserhalmi) and not only survives but begins to levitate at will. Smuggled out of a refugee camp by a humane doctor (Merab Ninidze), the Syrian gets tangled up in the terror plot of a fellow refugee, and what began as a fabulistic drama turns into one long, endlessly thrilling chase sequence. Mundruczó compulsively circles his subjects with the camera, fostering a sense of constant revolution that opens out into the big blue sky whenever the angelic hero lifts off. The movie is so grandly entertaining that you may not even notice the sneaky Christian allegory sanctifying the least of our brothers. In Hungarian with subtitles.