Ignacio (Pablo Echarri), a moody medical resident in Buenos Aires, has a reputation for getting too involved with his patients, but his compassion is combined with an urge to impress his parents and surpass his peers. The filmmaking techniques in this thoughtful if faintly sophomoric drama are occasionally inspired, occasionally gratuitous, but mainly methodical. Like life and episodic television, the movie is structured in segments that don’t always resolve or lead directly to the next. It begins on an eerie note as Ignacio questions family members about the interests of comatose patients, whom he then talks to, hoping to inspire their recovery so he can present his findings at an upcoming conference. Later, as he stops juggling ambition and empathy, the intriguing, almost supernatural tone fades, giving way to something that’s more conventional but still moving. Roberto Maiocco directed this 1999 Argentinean film.