Shot in New York City, this snappy Bollywood tearjerker (2003, 186 min.) stars Preity Zinta as a dour MBA candidate traumatized by her father’s suicide. Soon after a gregarious, annoying do-gooder (Shah Rukh Khan) moves in across the street, she’s downing shots and doing John Travolta moves to the retro “It’s the Time to Disco.” The neighbor is secretly dying of a heart condition, but he engineers a romance between her and a goofy classmate (Saif Ali Khan). This is often hilarious, and one multiculti dance sequence, set to a bhangra rendition of Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman,” features breakdancers, a gospel choir, and a small army of Punjabi dhol players. Nikhil Advani directed. In English and subtitled Hindi, Gujarati, and Punjabi.