The latest feature film from French filmmaking duo Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury looks at abuse through a unique higher power. Best friends Amélie, Bintou, and Morjana spend their summer days hanging out on rooftops, spray-painting murals at night, and telling urban legends. After Amélie has a violent encounter with her ex-boyfriend, she summons the spirit of Aisha Kandisha—a succubus-like creature from Morroccan folklore that takes on the form of a beautiful young woman with hooves—to fight back. But when the feminine spirit won’t rest until every man, regardless of guilt or innocence, is killed, Amélie and her friends have to put a stop to it before their loved ones become the next targets. Kandisha takes the rape-revenge genre to exciting and complicated places: it’s full of visual scares and haunting music that could keep anyone up at night, sure, but the true terror lies in the emotional margins. Kandisha is a thorny exploration of the difference between justice and vengeance, especially when it comes to sexual violence, and who gets stuck in the crosshairs.