Tireless indie performer Kate Lyn Sheil (The Color Wheel) plays herself in this metadocumentary about Christine Chubbuck, the Sarasota newscaster who killed herself with a pistol on the air in 1974. Supposedly preparing to play Chubbuck in a TV movie, the actress arrives in Sarasota to visit the gun store where Chubbuck bought her pistol, get a spray tan so she’ll look more like a Floridian, and interview anyone remotely associated with the story. Local broadcasters offer ghost stories about Chubbuck; a psychologist speculates on her state of mind; local actors in supporting roles sound off on the significance of her suicide. Director Robert Greene (Actress) interweaves scenes from the fake movie, climaxing with a suicide scene in which Sheil balks at pulling the trigger and denounces the audience for wanting to watch. The movie has been praised as a genre-bending experiment, though it’s more like a bottom-feeding exploitation movie masquerading as an art film.