Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, of the Comedy Central sketch program Key & Peele, make their big-screen debut with this weak gangster farce, which begins with a silly premise and follows it to its barely amusing conclusion. After a kitten gets loose from a violent drug lord, Peele finds and adopts it, naming it after his favorite underappreciated actor; bad guys break into his home and steal the cat, so he and Key set out to rescue the little thing. As a comedy team, the stars come off like Costello and Costello, each peddling his own brand of ironic weirdness (Key spends much of his screen time trying to indoctrinate hardened thugs into the music of George Michael). The incongruity between their white-bread delivery and the bad guys’ jive generates a few laughs, but not enough to salvage this thing. Peter Atencio directed a script by Peele and Alex Rubens; with Will Forte, Nia Long, Luis Guzmán, and Method Man.