Part travelogue, part cat video, this documentary by Ceyda Torun looks at the street-cat population of Istanbul, profiling seven felines that have taken advantage of the city’s easy attitude toward their species. There’s Aslan Parcasi, who cleaned up the rat population around a well-known fish restaurant; Gamzis, who dominates every other cat in the artists’ neighborhood of Cihangir; and Duman, nicknamed “the gentleman” for his careful delectation of roast beef and turkey scraps from a delicatessen. Torun interviews various city dwellers about their relationships with these wild cats, and their comments form a social mosaic of sorts; too bad their remarks are limited to the role cats play in the life of the city. The interviews and scenes of cats doing their stuff are broken up by aerial shots of Istanbul rooftops that are more decorative than cartographical. In Turkish with subtitles.