In Vincent Woodcock’s UK cartoon Little Ghosts—Trip to Loch Ness, “wee ghosties” visit the title locale to search for the legendary monster, peering in one direction while he appears in the other. Paws begins unpromisingly, with a trite parody of Jaws, but then turns to an affectionate story of a dog that manages to navigate a butcher’s touch-tone ordering system to land some T-bone steaks. Yu-chen Hsieh’s Taiwanese Inspiration ribs abstract painting: when an artist struggling with a still life uses his brush to swat a pest, the result is a lot better than the realistic piece he was working on. And Aimee Barth’s live-action Kosher (2001) offers a wry commentary on issues of Jewish identity: a six-year-old boy asks a girl to marry him, and after a yarmulke-wearing friend refuses to officiate because the groom is a gentile, the boy stops eating ham. Seven more shorts complete the program, which runs 89 minutes.