This stylish debut feature by directors Jonathan Baker and his twin Josh Baker mashes up genres like a Cuisinart, and their hybrid of family drama, sci-fi action, crime thriller, coming-of-age story, and road movie mostly works, despite some occasionally thudding B-movie dialogue. The first part is tonally dark, as a widowed Detroit construction foreman (Dennis Quaid) clashes with his adopted, light-fingered teenage son (Myles Truitt) and his older, biological offspring (Jack Reynor), an ex-con in hock to a vicious criminal (James Franco, persuasively sleazy). The pace quickens after a heist goes south and the brothers head west for Lake Tahoe, pursued by gangsters as well as two biker aliens, who want the powerful laser cannon the kid boosted earlier. With Zoe Kravitz as a sympathetic stripper and road buddy (which I guess adds “male fantasy” to the genre brew).