Nicolas Cage gives an appropriately overheated performance in this apocalyptic thriller about extreme global warming. He plays a widowed astrophysics professor whose sensitive young son (Chandler Canterbury) obtains a cryptic page of numbers that were buried 50 years earlier in a grade school time capsule. As it turns out, the digits correlate to dates and other details of major disasters that occurred after the capsule was buried, and they don’t bode well for the near future. Early scenes of mayhem and destruction are marred by subpar special effects; those in the final reel are spectacular, but there’s a long wait for them because the movie is so maddeningly, portentously slow. The dialogue is sci-fi standard-issue, composer Marco Beltrami shamelessly cribs from Bernard Herrmann, and wispy Rose Byrne barely registers as Cage’s ally. Alex Proyas (Dark City, I, Robot) directed. PG-13, 121 min. –Andrea Gronvall