The success of Les Comperes prompted the belated American release of this 1981 film, which features the same stars—Gerard Depardieu and Pierre Richard—united under the guidance of the same writer-director—the canny Francis Veber. Depardieu plays a Parisian detective frustrated in his attempts to track down a scatterbrained young woman in Mexico until he takes on an equally scatterbrained accountant (Richard) as his partner. In the sloppy context of 80s screenwriting, Veber’s cast-iron plot construction seems pleasantly professional, though the film is severely limited by his reliance on pat characterizations and sentimental formulas. Depardieu manages some graceful, Oliver Hardy-like double takes, but Veber’s leaden camera underlines them so heavily that the illusion of spontaneity is lost. The rest, though occasionally chucklesome, is far from memorable. With Michel Robin and Pedro Armendariz Jr. In French with subtitles. 95 min.