Miami director Lisandro Perez-Rey presents a lively portrait of the Cuban hip-hop collective Fabri-K (the factory) while providing a broader view of the genre’s ascendance from forbidden activity to state-embraced art form. He follows two socially charged groups, Obsesion and Doble Filo, on a visit to the U.S., capturing their disillusionment at the commercialism of American hip-hop before they go on to find kindred spirits in New York and Philadelphia, performing at the Apollo Theater and meeting heavies Afrika Bambaataa and the Roots. There’s a dramatic turn when one of Doble Filo’s MCs is denied a visa and he encourages the others to go on without him, but considering the Bush administration’s subsequent clampdown on all visiting Cubans, it’s a miracle that any of them got in. 62 min. (Peter Margasak