In our screwed-up age, the protagonist released from a mental institution has become a familiar movie archetype (Sling Blade, Silver Linings Playbook, etc, etc), posing the simple question of whether he’ll return to the funny farm or make a life for himself on the outside. This Argentinean drama by Santiago Loza can’t do much with the idea, partly because its pampered hero is so colorless and unsympathetic; there’s never the sense, critical to stories like these, that he’s actually saner than everyone else. Once he’s released from the facility (where he’s been sleeping with one of the nurses, apparently), his mother buys him a Suzuki motorcycle and his father introduces him to target shooting (not exactly a wise move). His dependent relationship with the family’s Bolivian maid is the most interesting element here, though any intended observation about class differences is so muted that it barely registers. In Spanish with subtitles.