La Tirisia

This derivative Mexican art film reduces the recent breakthroughs of Carlos Reygadas (Battle in Heaven, Silent Light) and Gerardo Naranjo (Miss Bala) to a series of stylistic tics. Set in an isolated, impoverished desert community, the story centers on a lonely young mother whose husband has been working abroad for some time; she ventures into an affair with a salt harvester, then has trouble giving him up when her husband returns unexpectedly. Like Reygadas and Naranjo, writer-director Jorge Perez Solano employs lots of impressive Steadicam shots and other unexpected formal devices (like switching from wide-screen to a boxier aspect ratio for some of the transition shots), though these strategies tend to distract from the simple story rather than elaborate on it. Solano also works in a few explicit, dispassionately shot sex scenes to make us think about alienation or something like that. In Spanish with subtitles.