La Ultima Pelicula

Directed by Mark Peranson (a contributor to this section) and Raya Martin, this fitfully wacky metamovie (2013) features Alex Ross Perry (who wrote, directed, and starred in The Color Wheel) as a filmmaker touring Mayan monuments in Yucatan and Gabino Rodriguez as his local guide, who can’t make head or tails of the psychedelic western they’re shooting. Peranson and Martin cite as their inspiration (and pillage for their title) Dennis Hopper’s legendary freakout The Last Movie (1971), which also focused on a filmmaker treading ancient ground and used some of the same self-referential gimmicks (recurrent “scene missing” titles, for example). As the filmmaker, Perry proves to be every inch the whining, nattering, neurotic comedian of The Color Wheel, comparing himself to Orson Welles and delivering a priceless rant about American hippies who visit the Mayan sites as spiritual tourists.