A smash hit in France and an Oscar nominee in the U.S., this 1960 courtroom drama was the last big success for writer-director Henri-Georges Clouzot, whose jaundiced view of humanity resonated in such classic mysteries as The Raven (1943) and Diabolique (1955). Brigitte Bardot stars as a loose woman on trial for the murder of her former lover, and as scripted by Clouzot, the movie draws heavily on the subtext of Bardot’s real-life infamy: both the prosecution and the defense are determined to try her in the court of public opinion, where her real crime seems to be not homicide but a liberal attitude toward her own body. The blond sex symbol frequently named this as her best film, and she delivers a potent performance as a good-time girl gone bad, but the movie’s chief asset is Clouzot’s acid portrayal of a cynical legal system and puritanical society. In French with subtitles.