The title character of this politically incorrect Hungarian satire is a man from an itinerant Romani family who gets drafted into the Soviet Union’s cosmonaut program in the late 1950s. He’s long dreamed of aeronautical travel—the movie opens with the hero as a boy transforming the family outhouse into a rocket—and when he finds himself an astronaut in training, he can’t believe his good fortune. But he soon discovers dark secrets about the Soviets that make him reconsider wanting to go to space. Along the way there are broad jokes about cultural stereotypes; homosexual repression; the hero’s horny, thieving father; Josef Mengele; and gulags. The whole enterprise suggests a historically minded, visually ambitious Mel Brooks. Balázs Lengyel, directing a script he wrote with Balázs Lovas, has fun spoofing the Soviet propaganda machine, and the agreeable bad-taste humor seems to grow out of the historical irreverence. In subtitled Hungarian, Russian, and German.